Friday, February 29, 2008

This week...

We finally had new carpet installed. It has been one of the things that have bothered me the most since we have lived here. Out with the mauve floral and scratchy mutli-colored hues and in with the new. There are a million other things I would like to do to our house but unfortunately $$$ and time do not supply. I am determined to paint few rooms that are still real eye sores, hopefully next week.

My aunt Christine, who is an interior designer, came for a short visit and was very helpful with our decor. Lucky me she has been decorating some homes out here in CT lately so I get to steal her for a few hours when she comes to town and pick her brain.

My little guy is five months today, wow that went by fast. His little friends (they are actually years older than him) came to visit and he was constantly trying to get out of my arms and was getting so frustrated he couldn't run and play. He wants to be big so bad.
Getting to know Samuel at five months...
Favorite past time: bouncing up and down, flying through the air, spinning in circles, anything that makes mommy very tired.
Favorite outfit: This muscle shirt (Stripling Warriors)
Favorite sport: football, he has no choice
Teeth: 2
Hair color: was blond, then it all fell out (mom is bald too since he rips out handfuls of hair)
Favorite album: Hairspray, as long as we are dancing to it
Favorite time of day: 4am (unfortunately)
Favorite food: milk (no choices yet, but he is getting extremely interested)
Dislikes: being on the floor, therefore no rolling over or crawling in sight

Friday, February 22, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Winters here in the North East are quite miserable not because of the snow, but because it's too cold to snow. So we get sleet, which turns to ice, and then to yucky slush. Today was a pleasant suprise it snowed beautiful, fluffy, white, Utah snow. It was such a fun day for me. Matt was home working so I got to go shopping and take an extra long shower. When I got back Matt had made me waffles, "I folded in the egg whites he added," just before I dug in. He is turning into quite the chef. They were the best I have ever had!
Isn't our house cute when it snows!

Baby Boy

Hmmm... What do you think I am your little doll??? I'm a real live boy!!
I can't tell if he looks like a homeboy or homeless...
I have lost so much sleep watching this sight.
Samuel's preferred position, will not bend no matter what.

NOT Mr & Mrs Fix-it

Last week while running the kitchen faucet the water stopped coming out. Strange, I thought, I can still hear the water on. I looked under the kitchen sink to see the broken supply line shooting water everywhere. Taking this in stride that night I headed to Home Depot to pick out a new faucet. I thriftily picked out a faucet with confidence. Although we worked very hard in renovating our apartment in the city, we should have learned by now we are just not handy around the house. Without much thought we turned off the water to the house (there was no shut off valve under the sink) cranked the supply lines off the pipes, and realized this was not going to work. To make a very long story short we not only broke the corroded pipes, did something to the water pressure gauge, the power went out and blew a fuse on the boiler, we were with out water for three days, three service men later, and much more than the cost of the faucet was our problem.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hello Blogger's, we've arrived

While the majority of my days are spent running around the house entertaining our Mini Me and balancing my many "projects", I take any chance I get to get caught up with my mom, sisters, beloved aunts, grandparents and dear friends. We are a very "tight knit bunch" and so hopefully this will help us keep everyone up to date in our memiors, obsessions and fiascos.

A brief catch up... Our dear Samuel, is now four and a half months old. It has been the most incredible time of our lives. We have been a little MIA at times during this entry into parenthood. We clealy were a little suprised our mothers of 8 (Madeline) and 9 (Vicki) children did this so gracefully. As good of examples as these renaissance mothers are, they have also been a little miss leading to us common folk that it actually takes a little work and adjusting.