Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Oh yes, I remember

After being away for the past week(will post pics later) I was so pleasantly surprised when I came home. It was the perfect time to go and return to be able to see such a beautiful contrast of Spring forming. I have been in awe the last few days at how beautiful it is here and how grateful I am for it. Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side. But for now anyway, it is greener for me on my side. It was a little reassurance that everything felt right. To be in the right place, at the right time, just how it should be. After coming in half way cross-eyed after a red eye flight with a sick baby I was able to look outside to my back yard that seemed to completely transform while I was gone. It was a sigh of relief, oh yes I remember how much I love it here.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Como Vie!

Last week we went to Brasil for a quick trip. It was amazing. I have traveled there several times before but I am in love with this new town we discovered called Laranjeiras. It was one of those trips that will always be very special. No matter what went wrong or right we all just loved being together and enjoyed every moment. The people in Brasil were so kind as always, the food was fabulous, and the scenery never ceases to amaze me.
I was a little concerned my baby boy would not be his charming self through all the traveling and activities. I was so very wrong, he was a dream. I know he was also having the time of his life because he was so happy. Which in turn made me and Matt so happy too. He was fascinated by all the new experiences. The top of his list had to be the sand. He couldn't contain himself and had to take a mouth full every time I turned my head. I didn't know we brought sand all the way home with us until I changed his diaper yesterday. Best of all he has been dressed in pants and long sleeves since he was born, I just loved seeing his chubby little arms and legs all week long.


Patati is on the south east coast of Brasil. It is a charming historic colonial town. The stone streets and the bright colored building are very unique. There are no cars allowed in the main area of down. Most walk, some ride bikes, or use horse pulled carts. During certian times of the year when the tied comes in the water fills the streets from the high tide. It is beautiful when the water filled streets refelect the colorful buildings. For this reason all the stone streets decend down to the middle so the edges of the streets are above the water during the high tide. The town is surrounded by little islands off the coast. The islands have restaurants, beaches and places to stay. They are full of the thickest lush forest at the top and perfect sandy beaches at the bottom. A good family friend in Brasil always lends us his boat when we visit Patati to go amonst some of the islands. Eating on the islands is always the fish caught that day, nothing beats it.

Monday, April 7, 2008

6 Months

For all of you who think I give Samuel too many naps, and put him to bed too early, it is work growing this big body...

At his 6 month appointment last week:
Weight 95%
Height 90%
Head circumference 90%

not much has changed since day one in these categories

Friday, April 4, 2008

Alligator Tears

Now that he has learned to use them I am afraid he'll never go back.

This is what happens when Samuel is strapped in the car seat, stroller or grocery cart. He starts to wine, I start talking baby talk, making funny faces, singing songs (yes even in public) to get him to stop. He then gets a little louder, not quite a real cry. Then I look down and he has these alligator tears sitting perfectly on his face.

The first few times this happened I was totally shocked. "My poor baby," I thought, "he is so upset!" After I immediately unstrap him and pick him up his "crying" stops instantaneously and he becomes his chipper self, still with the alligator tears perfectly pooled on his face. He is a smart little one. Matt thinks he is faking it...and it's totally working. So lately anytime we go anywhere, Target, grocery shopping, on walks, the mall, he squeezes out Alligator tears and I end up holding him and pushing the cart or stroller at the same time. You may be saying don't give in so easily, but there is no choice when he starts with those tears. I get the scariest looks from anyone who sees his little cupid face so sad.

Let's just hope this is a phase, a very short one.