Thursday, April 17, 2008


Patati is on the south east coast of Brasil. It is a charming historic colonial town. The stone streets and the bright colored building are very unique. There are no cars allowed in the main area of down. Most walk, some ride bikes, or use horse pulled carts. During certian times of the year when the tied comes in the water fills the streets from the high tide. It is beautiful when the water filled streets refelect the colorful buildings. For this reason all the stone streets decend down to the middle so the edges of the streets are above the water during the high tide. The town is surrounded by little islands off the coast. The islands have restaurants, beaches and places to stay. They are full of the thickest lush forest at the top and perfect sandy beaches at the bottom. A good family friend in Brasil always lends us his boat when we visit Patati to go amonst some of the islands. Eating on the islands is always the fish caught that day, nothing beats it.


LisaRD said...

It sounds like such a neat place! I love towns that have their distinct personality like this one.

The Arbuckle's said...

What a great get away. Looks like a nice and relaxing vacation, not to mention the weather. Jealous

julie said...

How far is the drive from Sao Paulo? I want to go there!