Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Life of the Party

Great Grandma Roselle is 96 going on 60. She travels monthly, cooks daily, and is always the center of attention. Grandma doesn't plan trips she wants to go on but instead she is contantly booked with grandkids carting her on road trips or flying her all over the country to stay with them. By cooking I don't mean puts together a little dinner, there's full on candy making, donuts from scratch, chicken pies are always being wipped up, all served with coke of course. She even brings her delecacies frozen on her cross country trips for us.
Grandma Roselle decided last summer she wanted to go on a cruise with all her grandkids, so she took them. Thank heavens for the alloted time per person schedule to be with Grandma or I am sure I would have been gipped. She is so fun everyone wants to be around her and wants to be just like her.

Laughed all the way up the hill and cried all the way down.

Samuel got really into the "cruise" thing

Monday, September 8, 2008

Roughin' it

In July we road tripped it to the Cole family camp out in the Grand Tetons. We are clearly not pro's at this sort of thing. First we rented a Hummer to pack all our luggage which probably used as much gas getting there as an RV. That was the first little issue with our "off roading" ride, second we were a sure target. Our first speeding ticket was from a narcotics officer who was looking for druggers not families going camping. His diligent partner stood his ground guarding the passenger side of the car incase Samuel and I took off running. The second ticket wasn't given by drug buster who was used to rebels, just a hall monitor out to catch anyone breaking the law, even just a little bit. When we finally arrived after gaining about 10 pounds on junk food in 7 hours,(it was supposed to take five) we jumped out of the car to get immediately ridiculed about our attire. I didn't know it was camping etiquette to put on your grubbiest clothes 300 miles away. I soon discovered they were right when I looked down and noticed my metallic ballet flats weren't so metallic anymore.
A few hiccups on the trek but once were were there we had such a great time. The the scenery was amazing, the food was delicious and there were no distractions to take away from spending time together. you like my pack...ya the plastic grocery bag under my arm was what I used to carry our water and lunch, so prepared.

These animals were way too used to people this deer was just walking around us looking for food like we didn't even exist.

Jackson Hole for us while Matt and the babyless ones went down the Snake River

I love this pic of Matt and his Mom, too bad Samuel isn't participating

Yellow Stone

Catch Ya! every time I said, "Did you kick the dog?" he said, "NO"