Saturday, May 24, 2008

be cool, go green

Gone are the days people would often raise an eyebrow when referring to tree huggers, energy conservers and so on. It is so not granola these days but rather even chic to be socially responsible. I admit growing up I would often tune a deaf year to "saving the planet", ignorantly thinking, what can I do that will really matter. I am so ashamed, what can I not do that will really matter. It is impossible to ignore the devasting effects that are occuring by our out of control energy consumption when it hits the wallet. There is so much more to it than keeping lights off and using less water at home. Search out how much energy and water go into producing our everday products that we are too lazy to recycle. Anyway you look at it 99% of people are, or will soon be, affected by the price of oil. If it doesn't put a strain on your own budget you probably are at a company that it does. And if your business doesn't depend on oil enough to make a difference, your customers do, there is no getting around it.
Yes it's true my initial focus to go green was to cut my own costs. But the more I look into how I can save myself money I am devestated by how huge the problem is on a much higher level. EVERYONE has to do there part, ignore it and just keep watching those prices go up, that is one fact we can not ignore.

How are you going green?

Monday, May 12, 2008

My first real Mother's Day

For the past four years Matt has given me gifts, flowers and all the Mother's Day treatment. Every year I would awkwardly become uncomfortable and say, "I am not a mom, don't get me anything." I don't know why I would ever shun special treatment, but for some reason I was not very appreciative. He would always continue despite my rudeness and say," You are the Mother of our future kids." To make me even more uneasy I would always stress on Fathers Day when he looked around all curious to see what I did for him...and it wasn't much. Last year I was a little more open to the idea, as I was pregnant, and this year I was all for the bells and whistles! I was loving every moment of it. I am very grateful to be a Mom. I kept kissing Samuel and telling him thank you for being my baby, I love being your Mommy. The father son duo didn't miss a beat from breakfast in bed, roses and mommy gifts. Any chance there was to do a diaper or clean a mess I didn't hesitate to mention, "It's Mother's Day!"
I better gear up because after five good Mother's Days, and only having a 7 month old, I better prepare one good Daddy Day this year that is well deserved.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Chillin' with the Brady and Jonah

Grandma Madeline after watching her at the Mormon Tabernacle Choir broadcast

Finally met my dear Cynthia's hubby Tom, they are adorable.

Samuel's Great Great Grandma Roselle was as vibrant as ever

Loves hangin' with the boys

Matt and Olivia were great dancers

Three of the Four quads with Samuel. Thankfully the other Stephan "Bindy" is home doing well.

Last week we went to Utah for Matt's sister Megan's wedding. We were so happy to be there for Megan, and her new hubby John's I do's. It was a great trip to be with family and friends. I took my first flight with the baby alone to go early to see my quad cousins that were in town. Unfortunately they were their because one of them, sweet Stephan "Bindy", was life-flighted to Salt Lake and was having surgery. Samuel had the time of his life with all his many cousins. Nothing makes him happier than being around other little kids. He gets very vocal and does everything he knows how to try to interact with them.
It is always bitter sweet going to Utah no matter what we never go home with out feelings of regret for not meeting up with someone or not spending enough time with some. It is like trying to put together a huge puzzle with everyones schedules trying to make the peices fit just right. It is a never ending battle.