Thursday, July 16, 2009

On the Blog again...

So it has kind of been a while. Lot's of things have happened as in any family in the past 7 months, can't believe it has been that long. Sometimes I have thought, do I want to start the blog again or will I get distracted and stop. Or other times I think, where would I begin, do I go back an try to document the past -impossible. So here's where I'll start -today.

Do husbands think??

My recent hostess cupcakes

Tonight after another long pregnant day I was reading Matt questions from a gift we received called Table Topics, while he was watching his nightly TV. The last and FINAL question I read him said, "If you had the money which would you choose to hire, a housekeeper, a cook, a gardener, or a personal secretary?" Assuming he would of course say a housekeeper or personal secretary, (but thought he should say a gardener) with out and hesitation he spouted off "a cook". he serious. I would some what understand if I didn't like to cook, or I rarely cooked, but that is quite the opposite. The Food Network is my TV of choice, I spend ample time combing through cook books, I receive cooking magazines in the mail, and YES I cook a lot.

No matter how much I think my culinary abilities are well received, there will never be any getting past that one and only love for his mom's pot roast and jello salad. How can I compare...

At least someone enjoyed them.