Thursday, May 20, 2010


I can't even tell you the amount of posts I start, or a least think of starting.

Well here I am hopefully this will get up:0

We had a fiesta last weekend. I am always craving really good Mexican food because it is really hard to come by out here in CT. So we make our own! It was lot's of fun. Only wish I could have had a chance to swing at the pinata.
With good food and good friends you can never go wrong.

We had a blend station for everyone to create their own frozen (virgin of course) drinks. Tacos are my favorite so it had to be. Can't do without homemade chips, salsa and guac these days. We left the Latin theme for dessert and headed down to the fire for a Smores bar. I have been on a smores kick so I had everyone tryout my homemade toasted coconut and vanilla marshmallows with several other combination's of course.

Oh yes, and Matt hung all the lights. Good job Love, they were perfect.