Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July Drama

Every year on the fourth of July we head to a park near by. The fireworks are awesome. There is plenty of room to sprawl out with blankets, picnics and games. You are almost directly under the show, the closet I have ever been to big fireworks. This year I was especially excited. I was really looking forward to being there with my little family and watching Samuel's reaction. He loves bright flashing lights.

My little brother tagged along in our car with us on the way over to the park. While Matt and I were gathering all the gear we looked over to see my little brother, all eighty-five pounds of him, running off with Samuel. We thought, he shouldn't have done that, but we will meet up in a few minutes.

Thirty-five minutes before the show was scheduled to start, due to rain, we started hearing the loud pops in the air. Everyone started running around trying to get situated for the show that wasn't anticpated to start for over a half hour. It then got dark very quickly and my brother with my baby was no where to be found. The fireworks, being so close, were much louder than I remember and I really began to worry Samuel would be terrified - and it would hurt his little ears. This show is the longest firework display I have ever seen, and this year it felt like an eternity. I was racing around trying to make out faces in the darkness and best I could looking for my baby. Among the thousands of people on the grass it was impossible. I was miserable. I wanted to be with my baby on this night, not my brother lost with him. I don't think I saw one firework I was so worried. When my little bro finally found us near the end of the show Samuel was screaming, histarically crying, completely terrified. He has never held onto me so tight. He borrowed his little face against me and would not let go.

Poor thing some nutty kid runs off with him, he gets lots in a crowd of thousands of people bustling to find a seat, enormous explosions take over the sky and Mommy is no where to be found. It was my first experience of being separated from my baby when I knew he really needed me. After the show someone gave him this glow neclace and it cheered him up. He was so wiped out from all the drama.

Luckily Matt and I went to the beach and saw fireworks the night before with some friends, it is one of my favorite holidays.

Earlier that day with Auntie Hannah.