Friday, April 4, 2008

Alligator Tears

Now that he has learned to use them I am afraid he'll never go back.

This is what happens when Samuel is strapped in the car seat, stroller or grocery cart. He starts to wine, I start talking baby talk, making funny faces, singing songs (yes even in public) to get him to stop. He then gets a little louder, not quite a real cry. Then I look down and he has these alligator tears sitting perfectly on his face.

The first few times this happened I was totally shocked. "My poor baby," I thought, "he is so upset!" After I immediately unstrap him and pick him up his "crying" stops instantaneously and he becomes his chipper self, still with the alligator tears perfectly pooled on his face. He is a smart little one. Matt thinks he is faking it...and it's totally working. So lately anytime we go anywhere, Target, grocery shopping, on walks, the mall, he squeezes out Alligator tears and I end up holding him and pushing the cart or stroller at the same time. You may be saying don't give in so easily, but there is no choice when he starts with those tears. I get the scariest looks from anyone who sees his little cupid face so sad.

Let's just hope this is a phase, a very short one.


julie said...

He's a smart one! I would rather have my gorgeous mommy hold me, too! Henry would prefer that mode of transportation, too, but I bribe him with food and that seems to do the trick!

The Arbuckle's said...

How cute. This would happen with Noah so I stopped using the carseat, stroller or grocery cart and just put him in the baby bjorn. He LOVES it this way.

ryan and laura said...

what a beautiful baby....and yes they learn to fake it at a very young age! dont you remember faking it ever since the beginning! just kidding - babies just know! my kate has a thing and has been super selective about who holds her - not even ryan sometimes. we keep thinking she'll get over it soon since it's been going on since she was about t6 months old! but then again...I keep holding her and carrying her around.

LisaRD said...

I'm with you, I could never let my babies cry it out, even if I knew for sure they were faking. He's so cute, even with giant alligator tears (or especially with them?)