Friday, February 22, 2008

NOT Mr & Mrs Fix-it

Last week while running the kitchen faucet the water stopped coming out. Strange, I thought, I can still hear the water on. I looked under the kitchen sink to see the broken supply line shooting water everywhere. Taking this in stride that night I headed to Home Depot to pick out a new faucet. I thriftily picked out a faucet with confidence. Although we worked very hard in renovating our apartment in the city, we should have learned by now we are just not handy around the house. Without much thought we turned off the water to the house (there was no shut off valve under the sink) cranked the supply lines off the pipes, and realized this was not going to work. To make a very long story short we not only broke the corroded pipes, did something to the water pressure gauge, the power went out and blew a fuse on the boiler, we were with out water for three days, three service men later, and much more than the cost of the faucet was our problem.


LisaRD said...

I can attest that Coles weren't blessed with inherent home fix-it skills. Some of us (not me) may have developed that talent, but any home improvement project I try spirals into something huge and ends up being really expensive. Always, always better to hire out.