Friday, February 29, 2008

This week...

We finally had new carpet installed. It has been one of the things that have bothered me the most since we have lived here. Out with the mauve floral and scratchy mutli-colored hues and in with the new. There are a million other things I would like to do to our house but unfortunately $$$ and time do not supply. I am determined to paint few rooms that are still real eye sores, hopefully next week.

My aunt Christine, who is an interior designer, came for a short visit and was very helpful with our decor. Lucky me she has been decorating some homes out here in CT lately so I get to steal her for a few hours when she comes to town and pick her brain.

My little guy is five months today, wow that went by fast. His little friends (they are actually years older than him) came to visit and he was constantly trying to get out of my arms and was getting so frustrated he couldn't run and play. He wants to be big so bad.
Getting to know Samuel at five months...
Favorite past time: bouncing up and down, flying through the air, spinning in circles, anything that makes mommy very tired.
Favorite outfit: This muscle shirt (Stripling Warriors)
Favorite sport: football, he has no choice
Teeth: 2
Hair color: was blond, then it all fell out (mom is bald too since he rips out handfuls of hair)
Favorite album: Hairspray, as long as we are dancing to it
Favorite time of day: 4am (unfortunately)
Favorite food: milk (no choices yet, but he is getting extremely interested)
Dislikes: being on the floor, therefore no rolling over or crawling in sight


Jake said...

You have a blog!?! I love that you got new carpet, now we just need a picture!

LisaRD said...

Wow! He's growing up so much. We can't wait to see you guys. Does he have aspirations to play rugby too, or only football :)?

Jake said...

Oh, sorry. That was me, Alison, but I never stop to see who I'm signed in as.

Amy M. said...

Cute little guy! 2 teeth by five months, huh? Must run in the family. My kids both had 2 teeth by five months and everyone told me it was super early. Hopefully he won't bite you.

Ashley & Matt Cole said...

NO pic's because then you will see the dreadful paint:)

Matt says rugby, I say lacrosse

Amy early teeth must run in the family. Danielle and I were scheduled to have our wisdom teeth out with 2 different docs the same week in eighth grade! (she had to wait b/c I gave her strep throat)

julie said...

Yeah, I want to see pictures! Before and afters.

Painting is fun. But not when you paint the same room four times. Which rooms are you painting?

Darleen said...

I don't remember your carpet looking like that--yes, yes you need to supply pictures of the carpet. Can't believe he is already 5 months! What a cutie!!

Ashley & Matt Cole said...

I can't get my camera to turn more step closer to getting an SLR. No pics, but when we finish the paint maybe we will have a little dinner party, or something to celebrate.