Friday, October 3, 2008

Zoo Birthday

Samuel didn't get the fire thing, he kept trying to grap the flame

The Carousel was the perfect ending to a perfect day. He was obsessed and sang the entire time.

We went out for a birthday dinner afterwards and Matt was able to come. Samuel loved opening all his presents.

One last picture on your 1st Birthday

For Samuel's birthday we went to the Bronx Zoo. He was in heaven! Luckily there was no school so some of his favorite people (minus Daddy who was sick in bed) were able to come. I was happier than ever to have such a fun birthday, you would have thought it was my birthday. It made me realize how much fun I am going to have planning all the fun kiddie parties.


Andrew, Jen, and Taedon Kent said...

Could you get a better zoo for your b-day?! Happy 1st Birthday!! He's so dang cute... I loved all the pics down below! I'm so bummed we didn't get to see you guys this trip but I promise, now that Andrew isn't a NYC virgin anymore, the next time will be different!

Lisa Loo said...

Ash- He is so stinky cute! Every time I see his cute little face it makes me smile. Happy Birthday little man! We will have to have a little boy party when you come out.
Love you. Lisa

ryan and laura said...

lucky boy! what an awesome birthday. it's so fun to watch kids see new things and be fascinated by animals!

The Owen's said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Samuel!! I love the first Birthday there is nothing quite like it. I am so glad he had a great day. Does he ever stop smiling? Cutest one year old! We love you!

Stacey Horton said...

awww happy birthday samuel!!GOSH he is so cute!!

Christine said...

Ashley, He is so so cute. I love the round head. I also love the photo of his little toung hanging out!