Monday, June 2, 2008

Garden Girl

I am so excited my long awaited vegetable garden is finally in. After much plotting and scheming on what I wanted and how to keep the many critters out I'm all ready to go. I set my sights upon a raised bed garden to get more vegetation in a smaller area, less weeds, less animal problems and easier to work on. Matt is so good to go along with all my many projects I become obsessed with randomly. This is probably the last thing he thought the city girl he married would be dying for. I said to him, as we were shoveling in the huge mound of organic soil I had delivered right on top of our front lawn Saturday, "I am turning into such a granola aren't I?" he replied, "no your just a poser (granola)" I guess through all my fashion and beauty desires I will never achieve true granola status with him, and that's OK by me.

Matt trying to multi task by talking on the phone at the same time

I bought the bed through this great place Natural Yards, so helpful & free shipping!

All the netting and arched tubing is to keep intruders out

Herbs are going in pots, closer to the kitchen door and they'll take less space.
I am going to add blueberry and strawberry plants in pots too.

Can't what for all the yummy fresh food.


The Arbuckle's said...


I want a garden so bad, that is the #1 thing when we buy a house.

I can't wait to see the fresh fruit and veggies.

Lisa R.D. said...

Wow, that all looks great... I love the idea of raised beds, and herbs in pots is the way to go (although I've never done herbs, I've always wanted to). Looks like you guys have done a lot of work, but it will all pay off! We have flowers on our tomato plants! Hooray!

julie said...

Once you plant your own veggies and herbs, you never go back! Fun, fun!

The Parkers said...

Oh good. Let me know when everything's ready to harvest. I'll bring my fork! :)

The Owen's said...

HA HA! i just saw the comment on my blog! I do need a new post. I have been so anti-blog lately. I really need to step it up. Anyway, I love the garden. Everyone in my ward is doing that now and reaping the rewards with their yummy salads and staying salmonella free from the grocery store tomatoes! I love that you went from city girl fashionista to lovin' the burbs and homelife. Two good qualities actually!

Anonymous said...

I just saw a story this morning on the Today Show about Gardening and the savings behind it! I keep telling myself I don't have enough room for my own garden, with our small apartment balcony. But you've inspired me to plant herbs in pots! I'm going to work on it this weekend. I need your granola tips... What size pots? What herbs can I plant with other herbs? What type of soil? Do they need alot of sunlight? So many questions, but so clueless! I tell me husband constantly, that I think I was a granola/tree hugger in a previous life :)

Missy&Jake said...

How fun!! That is such a cool garden-its exactly what I need-maybe next year when I'm not super prego!

Annie Pratt said...

WAY TO GO! Your garden is on it's way. I hope that you will post it's progress.